Jon Kincaid in Crisis

My friend and Atlanta radio personality Jon Kincaid had a heart attack this week. Today he undergoes bypass surgery. I’m begging everyone who reads this blog, please go to the webpage we have set up for him and donate what you can to his medical fund. Jon was laid off from his job and has no medical insurance. I don’t know what angioplasty and bypass surgery cost, but he doesn’t have it. In his two decades as man about town in the Atlanta music scene, he’s made an enormous boatload of friends so surely there will be at least a benefit concert or such. As information becomes known, we’ll add it to that webpage and try to keep it as current as possible. There is a PayPal link on there, and again, I’m begging y’all to go to the page and give. Please, please, please.

Jon has an amazing memory, and knows almost everything about almost everything in music. He’s hosted Personality Crisis every Sunday night for almost 20 years. Every time I see him he has some anecdote about some shenanigan I pulled in the 80’s that I have either forgotten or was too drunk at the time to remember. Since we both worked at WREK, we mostly got into all the local shows free. I can remember the one show we paid for and went to together, Aerosmith at the Omni. I saw him at all kinds of shows – Motorhead, Bruce Hampton, Dick Dale. He bootlegs as many Drivin’ n Cryin’ shows as he can and has I’m guessing over a thousand of them at this point. When they went in to the studio to work on new albums, they would call him up and ask him to prepare compilation tapes with the best live versions of certain songs. He’s credited on some of their albums as “live show archivist” or something like that.

Jon is a great guy, perhaps the most sarcastic person I know, one of the funniest and a man who lives for music. Please help him out, please send him some money and if you know him send in your good wishes via the email links on that page. Forward the URL around to anyone in the broader Kincaidosphere, anyone who loves music, who was in an Atlanta band, who listens to his radio show. This is the time to harness the power of the chain letter, and for once it is a legitimate cause. Please help. Thank you all in this dark hour.

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