Comment Scatteration

So PNH commented on my previous post, which puts me in mind of an issue I have every day. He left me a writeback, I responded. How does he know that? He won’t. I know that I’ve been a drive-by in many a discussion. I’ll happen on an interesting discussion, leave my thoughts, and then that’s it. If it isn’t regular reading for me I may never see any responses I get. When people follow my link back to here and show up in the referer log is the only way I can keep up with that. Were I anal and organized, I could somehow log the URL of every discussion on which I’m waiting for an answer. Even better would be a tool that I could register these URLs and would tell me when further comments have been added. This is really a problem for me, because I am not organized enough to keep up with this independently but I don’t particularly like abandoning interesting discussions because of that. Is there already such a tool that anyone knows of?

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