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I subscribed to several of the comic strip RSS feeds via Tapestry. It never occurred to me that those might not be authorized until they started disappearing with “I have been asked to take these down” messages. Now, although you still see something, if you look at the User Friendly feed, all the strips are the same with this image. What I’d really like to see, if the Tapestry is not authorized, would be for folks to figure out a model with which they are comfortable serving out their strips via RSS. I subscribed to those feeds because they completely rocked. Every morning, I look at my new articles and there would be new strips. Keeping with the recent discussions of RSS feeds on here, I’d like for folks to be thinking not in terms of “RSS is stealing eyeballs from my site and costing me money!” but in terms of how to monetize this new method of interaction. Really, is there any difference in people being worried that RSS will cannibalize their web traffic than what we went through a few years ago, when publishers were worried about their web traffic cannibalizing their paper sales? User Friendly folks, offer your own feed, put a little ad in there and lets have us a hoedown.

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