Artemiy Artemiev

In one of those odd happenstances, I have for several years now been corresponding via email with Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev. It all started at the tail end of my overhaul of the WREK automation system. I decided to take all the information we had in the database for albums, and use the fact that we also had email addresses for some record labels to create a program that would mail them our “add lists.” October 2001 is when this went online. The day I ran the initial trial of the program, I sat there watching what it did to verify it wasn’t runnning amok and pissing off the very people this was for. About 15 minutes into the process, I got an email from Artemiy who also runs Electroshock Records and as such was a recipient of an automated email. Although it was 6 AM Eastern time, it was late afternoon in Moscow so he was at his desk. He raved about how cool this was, and I wrote him back and that was the beginning. We have exchanged messages intermittently ever since.

He strikes me as a cool guy, in what little you can get to know someone in communiques of 75 or 100 words each. Like many of my friends, he seems to be a hyper-achiever (I’m not, but I wish I was). He’s a composer, a radio and TV producer, head of a record label and a working musician. His father is like the John Williams of Russia, a major composer of film scores. On the sites above are lots of information about both of them.

The other day I got email from Artemiy with the text of a press release. An installation art piece will be exhibited in Cincinati, and Artemiy’s music will be part of the whole affair. I got a little excited that perhaps he’d be visiting the states and come to Chicago so I could meet him in person, but alas he is not. One day perhaps that will happen. Far less likely, perhaps one day I’ll go to Moscow. My exchanges with Artemiy are evidence of what I’ve always believed – that almost all relationships and friendships are sheer luck and happenstance. It’s only by being aware that this is happening and being open that one can capitalize and make friends out of the random connections and odd occurences that make up life. I’m glad I replied to Artemiy and I’m glad he kept the ball rolling. Either one of us easily could have not and never thought about it again.

Here is the text of the press release. I looked for some link to this at the gallery website but couldn’t find any reference to it.

We want to announce that Covington, Kentucky artist, Craig Caudill and Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev will exhibit 2-hour video-audio installation at Designsmithgallery. The installation, entitled “Possible Werks”, opens Final Friday, 30 January 2004, and continues through 20 March 2004.

Designsmithgallery is located at 1342 Main
Street, in Cincinnati. Gallery hours are most Friday and Saturday afternoons, noon to 6 PM, or by appointment. An opening reception will be held on Final Friday, 30 January 2004, from 7 PM to 10 PM. A second reception will be held Final Friday, 27 February 2004.

For more information please contact:
David G. Smith, Designsmithgallery, 1342 Main Street, Cincinnati,
Ohio 45210, USA
Tel: (513)421-1397
Fax: (513)421-9303

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