Mile High Hot Sauce

My father-in-law has this penchant for every so often just sending us boxes of stuff. The most recent box was from Mile High Hot Sauce. The retired Air Force pilot that runs this joint is a friend of his, so he sent us a big box. We kind of laughed about it as another of his kooky gifts, but having had some of it I do agree that it is quite tasty. I like to put tabasco on the crust of my pizza when I eat it, and doing that with this was quite good. It is not as hot as McIlhenny’s or Texas Pete, but it is tangy and flavorful. Their slogan is “It’s Zesty!” and I think that’s accurate. I suppose it is a good thing that I like it, since we have 8 10 ounce bottles. Considering that you use a few drops at a time, half a gallon of hot sauce may be at least a 10 year supply.

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  1. Hi there, The folks here at Mile High Hot Sauce don’t know about Evil Genius Chronicles or John. A cyber geeky bud of mine passed this to us.

    We were tickled with John’s observations and testimonial about our elixer. We feel the same way.
    Check us out at Thanks again, MP Cooper,
    Worlds Greatest Fighter Pilot

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