Miscellany from Localfeeds

Here’s some random links I had been saving to blog from Chicago Localfeeds. I’m dropping the feed because of the pain in the ass the truncated RSS causes me.

Two from Aaron Swartz’s “Shorter” series – the shorter version of the state of the union speech and the shorter version of Paul O’Neill’s appearance on 60 minutes. Aaron also has a post about how the ridiculous creationist “intelligent design” stuff doesn’t explain why species went extinct.

Via In Apprehension comes this link to a congressman who is pushing for impeachment hearings for VP Cheney.

Jenny the Shifted Librarian points out the hypocrisy in the Library of Congress’s stance on copyright.

Via GS-7 is this link to an article about how the suicide rate of American troops is rising in Iraq.

Goodbye, Localfeeds Chicago. I’ll miss you.

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