Dean on the Defensive

The take on the Dean battle cry from Poppy Brite and Adam Curry mirrors mine. For someone who hasn’t heard the speech but all the media and talking heads hoopla, you expect this crazed meltdown. When you actually see the speech, you see a standard rallying speech from a politician to his loyal supporters. This is not news, there is nothing of note about it all, yet the media is treating this like something huge. At least one Dean supporter has the riht idea, setting up a webpage collecting the Dean remixes and collecting donations from the site. That’s a pretty deft job of getting out in front of this and perhaps steering it a little.

This is the point in the race where Dean gets the received wisdom treatment that Gore got in 2000, where “everyone knows” these things that in fact aren’t even true. One interesting take on the phenomenon is from Escapable Logic, with a post on the “punditocracy”. It also includes this insight on the flightiness of some of the Dean faithful:

The capriciousness of some Dean supporters really threw me off. Unbridled enthusiasm melting into terminal gloom in 3 hours. Yet we all know it just doesn’t work that way. It’s as if Dean had let them down, failing to maintain the crescendo of hope and optimism they’d been investing in for 6 months. Where’s the conviction? Where’s the gumption?

I’m sick to death of the way the major talking heads – who demonstrably are full of shit if you go back through their records of predictions – drive what we all think. This is another form of Big Media that I’m completely tired of. A few idiots in the echo chamber make a pronouncement and suddenly all America nods their heads knowingly. If I have any hope in the blogosphere and alternative media, it is as an antidote for this received wisdom. Like the wise say, look to the money. What makes more money for Big Media – a rational race with candidates debating the issues of import or a jello wrestling drama with a lead change every few days and candidates going from cinderella story to has-beens in a week and standard speeches used as evidence of insanity? Fight the power, think for yourself, if the talking heads tell you the sun rises in the east go outside and check before you repeat it. That’s the only way to break their sleeper grips on us.

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