Fletcher Penney has rewritten and expanded the functionality of the blosxom writeback plugin with his writebackplus. He says it should be a drop-in replacement for writeback, seewritebacks and recentwritebacks. So far so good. He purports it to have better handling of the combined email/url field that so bedevils writeback leavers, records IP addresses, has anti-spam comment measures and generally is an improvement. Thus far, I know that it seems to work with my old writebacks. We’ll see how it works with leaving new ones.

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5 thoughts on “Writebackplus”

  1. Okay, lets see what she can do.

    In a totally random aside, your site is the only referrer I have to mine. Otherwise I would have like 0 traffic, I guess. Thank you, sir.

  2. I can, but actually I haven’t figured out exactly how it is different yet, at least in terms of what it displays. It is an act-alike so it gives you all the same variables for your templates. It does, however, write the time and IP address in the writeback file.

  3. As you can see now the dates are part of this. This is because you have to add things to the writeback.writeback flavor file to get them to show up. I could, for example, also have the IP address used to post the writeback (although I chose not to.) Writebacks left using the older plugin will just be blank for these fields, but ones with the new one will have that information in it.

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