Hibernate Performance

Here’s a post from In Relation To about how to improve performance of Hibernate. The session management stuff sounds interesting. I’ll think that what I’m currently doing works out to session-per-request but I need to verify that. There is also an interesting post about locking that mentions a phenomenon I observe all the time: every developer has enough hubris to think they can hack together something like a locking scheme in 30 minutes that will be better than what other people have spent 25 years thinking about. I know that hubris is one of Larry Wall’s virtues of a programmer, but most of the time the people that think these things are just fooling themselves. I’ll admit that although I’m pretty decent, even my best ideas and my most elegant code are not as road tested as products and code that have been in service for years or decades.

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One thought on “Hibernate Performance”

  1. Hi,
    I am facing the problem of low performance.
    following technologies i am using right now
    j2ee, struts, hibernate, ajax, tomcat and JBoss.
    Kindly suggest me, how can i improve performance of my application..


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