FeedOnFeeds Searching Patch

OK, I have added in my patch to add searching to the stock install of FeedOnFeeds. I added one page that contains the search submission form, altered the bit of HTML that creates the menu bar to include searching as a link, and updated view.php to both do the searching in the SQL query and to add it to the menu bar inside that page (which is similar but non-identical to the other one.) Not a huge change. [Update: I patched my 0.1 install but Steve has newer versions. DON’T USE THIS TO PATCH ANYTHING OTHER THAN 0.1, it will take your functionality backwards and possibly not work.] In order to use this, download the patch zip file and unzip it on top of your FoF installation. It will ask if you want to overwrite menu.html and view.php. Say yes, and then search away! If it doesn’t ask you this, you are unzipping it in the wrong directory!

I put two checkboxes in there which allow you to turn on or off searching of articles marked as read and current day only searching. I’m accepting feedback as to what the reasonable things to do are. That seemed like a decent first cut, but really and truly in my use of it, I have never done a meaningful search with where I wasn’t searching everything, marked as read and not. This could be even simpler, like with no options and defaulting to marked as read and everything and just included on the main view page. That’s the worst part of doing things like this – the coding is nothing, it’s the decisions that kill you.

Download it, try it, and leave feedback via writebacks here.

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