LOTR for the Straight Guy

Cory posts on BoingBoing about this Lord of the Rings slash video featuring characters kissing. He’s making a copyright ethics point, but you know one of the first things I said when my wife and I left ROTK was “Am I crazy, or was that the most homoerotic of the three films?” I thought I detected lots of sexual tension between Merry and Pippin and then in the Frodo/Sam/Gollum business. The latter has lots of jealousy, spurning, and then a tearful hugging makeup. The question for those of you who have read the book in the last 20 years or have better memories than I do – is this all in the original text, or is it an artifact of the film?

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2 thoughts on “LOTR for the Straight Guy”

  1. I think it is an artifact of the viewer. All I saw was the closeness of friends that had travelled the roads to hell and back. The jealousy and all that was coming from the effect of the ring. Everyone that had it for some time became jealous and miserly with it. That’s my take on it.

  2. Well, at least D agreed with me so there are at least two of us with that same lens. When Frodo got on the ship, I thought for all the world Sam was going to plant on one him.

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