All One Surface

Band of the Day! Today the band is All One Surface, which MP3s helpfully available in a side rail right from the front page. I read about these guys first on Die Puny Humans and downloaded their MP3s and liked them. Today I got email from Andy Malt at their record company (also producer of their album) telling me the album was available. Apparently, I have enough Google juice on this weblog that just from the Now Playing list on the side, I was one of the top ten hits for “all one surface”. That’s an interesting experience having the producer of an album write you about it because you talked about in your weblog or in my case just played the MP3s. I like them, good solid power pop. The album is 11 pounds, postpaid. How many dollars is that? I just might buy it.

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4 thoughts on “All One Surface”

  1. I didn’t know you could do that! Thanks, bro. Wow, $20 for the CD, that’s a little steep. The horrors of a week dollar, I guess. Thanks a lot, Bush/Cheney!

  2. Hey! I’ve got some song from “All One Surface” on my web site. Free free to listen to them, click my name…

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