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The long delayed episode of the Underground Recordings on WREK is airing right now, and thankfully the archiving is back up. You have one week, until Feb 12 at 8 PM EST to listen to the archives. I’m listening now and I had forgotten exactly how good these guys were. Their one studio album just didn’t capture the live mayhem and groove of these ass-kicking brothers. They were compared to Living Color a lot, by virtue of simultaneously rocking very hard and being negros. That was the facile comparison, but really they had a much funkier esthetic than LC. They were doing what 311 eventually became known for, except they were doing it first and far better. Bad business decisions and who knows what else ended up tearing this band apart, but in some alternate reality they went on to become famous and influential and helped steer rock away from the white boy shouting metal-rap, and more towards a Sly Stones like, groovocentric funk-rock.

I had the fortune of seeing David Ryan Harris several times in our last stint in Atlanta. He’s an absolute genius. It’s hard to believe that all that music was made by one guy and one guitar. Check out his website, listen to the FFN performance in the archives, and heave a wistful sigh for a history of rock that never happened.

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