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OK, I’ll jump on the meme train. Here is the map of all the places I have visited, where “visit” is a fairly fluid term meaning I have been there and I meant to be there or did something while I was there. I’m not counting states that I’ve changed planes in, or driven through only pausing to get gas. New York is an iffy call, since I went there for a very short time while I was doing work stuff in Rahway NJ. However, I meant to be there, so even though I’ve only spent 3 hours in Manhattan in my life, I’m claiming the state as “visited.”

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The interesting thing about this is the discontinuities. The three west cost states are off by themselves, New York and New Jersey are off by themselves. Arkansas is this lonely looking island of non-visitation surround by states I have been to. Until the Bible Bowl travel I alluded to earlier in the Casa Bonita post, I lived my whole early life in 5 states – Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri and Illinois. I plan on visiting Minnesota and Wisconsin while we are up here. Interestingly, I have between little and no interest in visiting New England. I’m not sure why, I never have had that much interest. The only part of it I care about is Baltimore. I wouldn’t mind taking a John Waters tour, seeing the locations for a lot of his movies. Other than that, I have nothing against that part of the country but no urgency to get there either.

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