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In my righteous zeal for full RSS feeds a few weeks back, I started dropping feeds with excerpted content from my aggregator. Some I missed and some I found I could live without quite easily. Ross Karchner, the man behind Localfeeds actually left me comments and mailed me asking me to not drop it because he removed the excerpting from it. That is, LF used to clip the RSS content on the way in. Now it doesn’t, so whatever the original feed provides is what you get from Localfeeds. Sadly, there is almost no difference in it before and after he made that change. I can count on one hand the number of regular posters who get collected in Chicago LocalFeeds that don’t have excerpted RSS: myself, Jim McGee, The Shifted Librarian, and The Right Reverend AKMA. That’s it.

I feel guilty about dropping it again after Ross has been so cool, so I’ll stick with it but dag. It’s a fraction as useful as it could be, and I find that frustrating. I actually find it hard to believe that almost every Chicago blogger with an RSS feed actually wants to have it truncated. I’m guessing a major chunk of those are like that because that’s what a default template does (much like I was full from day one because that’s what Blosxom does). At one point I thought about mailing them all and asking for them to consider full feeds, but screw it. I don’t have that much time, and if I were going to turn my energy to a crusade it would be for something with a bigger and more lasting effect like working for a regime change here at home. If any of you are reading this via the Localfeeds RSS the only reason you can read this far is because I didn’t truncate. Do me the favor of offering me the same convenience and courtesy. Pretty please.

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