Contortionist’s Handbook and Technorati Bomb

In an odd coincidence, I found out today that a coworker to whom I recommended Craig Clevenger’s The Contortionist’s Handbook read it and really enjoyed it. That’s interesting, because I was already planning to execute an experiment tonight. I call on all you bloggers that read this to in your own blogs mention the book and link to it with the above Amazon link (it needs to be to the same edition – the paperback one above.) Ideally, you would put this in your blog between noon on Thursday 2/12 and noon Friday 2/13 but anytime is good.

The whole point of this is to do the equivalent of Google-bombing on the Technorati product list. It’s a bit of guerilla promotion, trying to get this book to rise up that list in hopes of people noticing it. This is similar to what Bruce Schneier did, when he tried to get readers of the Counterpane newsletter that planned on buying Secrets and Lies from Amazon anyway to buy in the same hour so as to push it up their bestseller lists. What am I getting out of this? Nothing, other than a little satisfaction that I’m helping our boy Craig out. My coworker really liked the book, as has everyone that I’ve heard voice an opinion. That’s right, I have heard a 100% “loved the book” response. This is a unique and fantastic book, adventurous and not the same old cookie cutter stuff. Good lord, we need to be encouraging stuff like this if we want our literature to remain thriving and fresh. So please, dear friends and bloggers, blog about this book between noons on Thursday and Friday, or whenever you can. If you’ve read the book post your opinion (and track me back so I can find what you’ve said.) If you plan on getting it, say that. If you just want to make a post about my cynical attempt to game the system, that’s cool too. Just include the link.

Thank you, good night.

[Update: Taran seems to think that the reason this is tacky is because there is no review in this original solicitation. I’ve talked about this book a lot, here is my post after finishing it last November.]

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5 thoughts on “Contortionist’s Handbook and Technorati Bomb”

  1. jonnyx says:

    done and done. i wish i knew how to trackback ping you i keep forgetting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am following daves request help out a similar googlish bomb The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger. This is a great book and everyone should give it a read, I promise it will only take you a few days. If you read this blog please put the amazon link above in your blog between noon on thursday 2/12 and noon Friday 2/13 but anytime will do.

  3. Taran says:

    To actually READ the book and then write about it? Jeez.

  4. Dave says:

    Taran, what makes you think we haven’t? I’ve been recommending this book to everyone I know because I read it and thought it one of the best books I’ve ever read. Jonny above is the guy who recommended it to me, and he also read it loved it and is enthusiastic about the book. That’s the whole point of this. Everyone we recommend the book to that reads it, loves it. This is all about bringing this horribly underpromoted book to the attention of people.

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