Dark Beloved Cloud’s Singles Club

A while back, I had meant to join the singles club (that’s as in music, not for unmarried people) from Dark Beloved Cloud. The deal is that it is free, but you have to send them 6 3″X3″ pieces of artwork which they will use as artwork on someone else’s singles. It’s a great deal, but it takes some time so deferred and that eventually became forever. Recently, Warren Ellis posted about it which refreshed my memory and made me get off my ass. Now I have a shirt pocket full of blank 3″X3″ cards which I’ll start working on when I take the train home tonight.

DBC is really a fine label. I’ve dealt with them through WREK. They are the label for DQE, one of my all-time favorite bands. Long before the White Stripes, the south had a number of guitar and percussion duos: Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, Flat Duo Jets, House of Freaks, and DQE was always my favorite of them. When I’d see them live, it was hard to believe all sound that was made by two people. Grace Braun is a genius, and I need to buy all their albums that I don’t already have.

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