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One of the things that I find disturbing about our occupation in Iraq and the moving goalposts of why we went in at all is that all the reasons the POTUS is claiming we had to invade Iraq are actually true in North Korea. Despite this, we seem unmoved and more than happy to deal with them diplomatically. In North Korea, they are gassing their own people. They have a nuclear weapons program. Kim Jong-Il is a “dangerous man in a dangerous place”, which apparently is now why we went into Iraq. The difference between the two countries seems to only be in that North Korea is not swimming with oil.

I’ve added to the aggregator the weblog by Rebecca MacKinnon NKZone about North Korea. This is scary and sad stuff, like this entry with pictures of the repression drawn by Korean kids or this one about the 6.5 million people who will go unfed because political tensions are stopping aid. North Korea is not strategically important to the Plan for a New American Century, so we can let them hang fire and hang dissidents. Let’s focus our morality where the petroleum is.

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  1. I commend you on your concerns of North Korea – I think many of us see them as a real threat. In Iraq, there are many factors involved of why we went. For one, oil. More importantly, the stability of the oil market in bringing forth a >democratic< major oil producer not under the thumb of a dictator or corupt royal family. Speaking of democratic, we cannot forget the democratic process that Afghanistan is now going through – which, in this ammount of time to hold ELECTIONS, is truelly remarkable. Iraq, if everything goes well, will have some of the same luxuries that we take for granted. Do you remember the elections that Iraq had a few years ago? Prob not. I remember. He got 100% of the vote. You and I both know why. The terrorist organizations are focusing much of their efforts on Iraq. Why? Why would the insurgents be so focused? I will take a guess. Democracy threatens their beliefs and way of life – especially when it lies right in the center of the middle east. In effect putting pressure on a somewhat unstable Saudi and Iranian governments. Lets face it, the middle east is the hot-bed of terrorism recruitment. Since you are focused on human rights, do the same research that you did for N.Korea for what Sadams regime has done to his own people over the years.

    N.Korea is an unfortunate circumstance. Another brutal dictator killing tons of people on a whim – to boot, with a nuke. Unfortunately, there have been reports on human rights violations all the way back in the early 90’s. Did the powers that be i.e. UN, decide to do anything? No. Genocide in Africa? No. Has the UN decided to do something with N.Korea??? No. They do the same thing they seem to do these days, sit on their hands.

    Lets talk about “political tensions” hurting children. The reason there are “tensions” is because of their nuke program. Since they are too selfish and paranoid, they would rather see their sons and daughters die. This is all on N.Korea, not the countries that want to help. 1000’s of kids DIED in Iraq EVERY MONTH before our war there. Why? Because the Oil-for-food program was a sham.

    Thats why I labeled this a little off the mark.

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