Could it be?

I saw someone that was either John Goodman or looked very much like him in a Greektown restaurant at lunch today. The facial hair was funky, which made it a little harder to tell definitively. It sure sounded like him for sure. I guess this will remain a mystery of life.

The other day, I was jonesing bad for a gyro. I had a highly mediocre one from the Haifa Cafe by the Sears Tower, but that didn’t feed the inner man. I had one from the Gold Coast Dogs in Union Station a few days after, but that still didn’t do it. All this time, no one mentioned to me that we work 4 blocks from Greektown! Dag! I walked over there today for lunch and it was awesome. It was hard to pick a spot, because from where I got to Halsted I could see a dozen different joints. I settled on Zorba’s but I’ll definitely have to try a few other places. They break down into tiers – relatively fancy looking expensive places, and divey looking diner joints. I always lean towards the latter, so eventually I expect to try them all.

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  1. Bill Shunn says:

    I passed John Goodman on the sidewalk once. The man is HUGE. I’m 5’11”, but he towered over me and so outbulked me I thought I was passing a bear.

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