“I Feel Great!”

I have been following the Viral Marketing Blog. Why? I dunno, it seems like a thing to do. In a recent post, they point to this Nutrigrain commercial that was apparently at one point open and now password protected (that link is to an illicit mirror.) I have to say, that might be one of the funniest commercials I’ve ever seen. My guess as to why it is not available at the agency’s site anymore is that this is not yet an approved commercial, and Turnpike Films doesn’t want to be busted for having this thing floating out there that perhaps Kellogs doesn’t feel appropriate. I do agree with the sentiment on the Viral Blog that a stone advertisement that causes buzz is a true rarity and its a shame to choke that off. There aren’t too many TV commercials that I care enough to link to, but this is one. Almost all of the ones that do air are raving mediocrities compared to this one. Check it out.

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2 thoughts on ““I Feel Great!””

  1. That was hilarious. Over the top, but hilarious. I find the woman stuffing things under her blouse somewhat scary. Not that running around stuffing papers under a shirt to simulate pregnancy isn’t a common practice, it’s just that she has a scary look on her face the whole time.
    But overall, I feel GREAT about it.

  2. The woman was crazy looking. She reminded me of Amy Poehler on SNL. I loved everything, from the crazy 70’s moustache on the main guy, the stomach punch, the way everyone gave the capsule summaries of their life to everyone. It makes me want to go eat a Nutrigrain bar so I too can FEEL GREAT!

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