Last word on Contortionism

Fun is fun, but I’m going to stop adding to the joke now. The Technorati bombing on behalf of Craig Clevenger’s The Contortionist’s Handbook worked better than I would have expected – right now it is at #3 on the Technorati product list. The downside is that this never really caught fire. As far as I know, every single one of the links is one that I solicited the hard way, by emailing and/or leaving comments on blogs. Still, it’s above everything other than The Da Vinci Code and Stich N’ Bitch, which is good. Right now it is higher than Eastern Standard Tribe and Moneyball, two of the powerhouses of this list in its short existence so far. I’ll stop posting about it now, but the experiment has been fun and hopefully it brings this book to the attention of some people.

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