Spanish Class, Week Two

Whew, es muy dificil! This Spanish class is hard work, but I like how it is taught. Rather than sweating it and spending lots of time beating things to death, our teacher just throws us in the deep end and lets us swim out. Almost no English is spoken at all, just the bare minimum to bootstrap the lessons. The first week was all genders and definite/indefinite articles. We learned a few vocabulary words in order to have things about which to use the articles, but they weren’t the focus of the lesson. This week was colors, adjectives and a few other things. We started to pick up some grammar, but it was all collateral learning. Without even really noticing it, we have moved from phrases to simple but complete sentences. It’s all pretty cool, and I’m looking forward to next week. Two hours is probably the optimal length though. By the end of the class, my head is full and hurting but I’m anxious to learn more. I’m glad I finally did this. Watching the telenovellas is fun, but without ever forcing me to form my own sentences it is limited.

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