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I thought I was done talking about Clevenger and the Technorati bomb, but something exceedingly cool happened overnight – Doc Searls joined in the monkeyshines! His is the first link I didn’t beg for – thank you Doc. It’s also the first link from Doc to me that didn’t come from me emailing him, so it’s a true sincere bit of grassrootsism. I feel honored, and also like I should be blogging better.

Bonehead me, what I should have done before this started was to see what the Amazon sales rank of the The Contortionist’s Handbook was last Thursday. Right now it is #1625 which seems pretty durned high for a book that came out in paperback 6 months ago with no particular promotion. I’m thinking that all this has to actually be translating into some sales for Craig. I thought I remembered once seeing a tool that could graph the Amazon sales rank of things over time. Friends, if you know what that is, email me or leave me a writeback. I’d be interesting in quantifying the effect of this. I can always do it after the fact, I guess, but seeing where it goes to after the shenanigans end. My assumption is that when the bomb is over, it will eventually relax to a sales rank similar to what it had before – it’s “baseline” position. If I had to make a wag at it, I seem to recall the rank being in something like the 20 or 30K position in the middle of last week. I’m kicking myself for not taking the 3 seconds to grab this bit of information first. This is why I always need detail oriented accomplices.

Lest I seem unappreciative, let me publically thank my co-conspirators:
and now Doc

Thank you, one and all. If I missed someone or someone else joins in the festivities, make me aware and I’ll add them to the list.

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