This Old Body

I haven’t been posting my fitness progress for one sad reason: there has been none! Coincident with the time I wanted to commit to my plan, I had a lot of changes in my life. Not the least of which is that instead of working in my home, spending most of my time in the confines of the basement, I now go to an office in the Loop every day. At first I thought this would help because I could join a gym and work on reclaiming some fitness. As I found out, although tere are 4 gyms within 2 blocks of here (including one in the basement of my building) they are all grotesquely expensive and most required a commitment much longer than I’m willing to do. I am walking around more, in that I have 4 blocks between the office building and the train station, but then I’m also eating in general less healthy fare for lunch. I’ve been avoiding McDonald’s and crap like that, but I do have a weakness for the sweet and sour pork at the 65 Chinese restaurant.

What I really need to do is take the excercise bands that I have and figure out a workout that I can do with them, and get cracking. Even if it isn’t optimal, that would be better than the nothing I’m doing now. Not only am I fatter than ever, I’m demonstrably in some of the worst shape of my life. I huff and puff even going up the single flight of six stairs in our house. When the weather permits I’ll start riding my bike to the Metra station for cardio work but I need more and sooner.

On a similar topic, I am interested in John Perry Barlow’s “fixer upper body” TV series. Although I’m too heavy, I’m sure he’s punished his body much worse than I have. Since my plan is to get 100 vital years out of this life, I need to start preparing for the long haul just as he is (we’re both shooting for 100, by the way, I just have more of it left.)

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