Low Tech Wins Again

Via Futurismic comes this low tech way to guarantee a winning cap in the Pepsi iTunes giveaway. It seems like this should actually work with almost any giveaway of any kind, as long as the losing and winning text are sufficiently distinguishable. Enjoy it while you can, as this will almost surely lead to a bottle and/or cap redesign in the future. Maybe they’ll go back to putting those crappy tabs under the cap that you need needle-nose pliers to remove before you can tell if you won.

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4 thoughts on “Low Tech Wins Again”

  1. While jackie and I were at the store i noticed you could see under the pepsi caps and check if the bottles were winners or not. I used it to my advantage to buy one pepsi and win one song. That makes three for three for me and free songs. One found, one on a slurpee, and now this one.

  2. Way to go, Ohio! You are ahead of the curve. I’ve tried this myself in soda games I care about. I was going to do it on the way home last night, but all the convenience stores in the train station have only Coca Cola products. Figures that the one time I’m looking for Pepsi stuff I can’t find it. Usually it’s the other way around – I’m dying for a Diet Coke and all I can find is Pepsi. Silly me, for some reason I thought that every bottle cap had an iTunes code. I mean, there’s 100 million of them, right? I didn’t realize it was a contest at all.

  3. Oddly enough, I still haven’t seen a bottle of Pepsi product in downtown Chicago. All the places I go regularly don’t have it. Any joint that is big enough for me to be tilting bottles without feeling like a knob has only Coke products. I don’t feel like doing that right in front of the counter of some mom and pop deli. Eventually I’ll get one.

  4. <a href=”http://www.livejournal.com/users/jackiekennedy/”>jackie</a> has been cleaning up offices at her new job and I guess nurses love diet pepsi, she has found six caps so far. one nice thing is if you use a cap to redeem a song you dont need to put your creditcard info in. yay

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