Paranoia XP

I saw this morning in my aggregator that a new version of the classic game Paranoia is in the works. The press release is funny, written in the same style as the game itself, starting from the opening line:

The Computer says that failure to feature this announcement prominently is treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution. Thank you for your cooperation.

I liked the game 20 years ago and would be interested in checking it out again. What I didn’t get out of this is any sort of ETA. At first I thought it was saying it is available now, but this appears to be the announcement that they are working on it. Greg Costikyan continues his streak of being highly organized, at least as it comes to dealing with me. Years ago when I interviewed him for the radio, not that long after he sent me a note thanking me for interviewing him. Well, this morning shortly after I saw the release in my aggregator, I got an email from him with the same text, sent to folks who link to his blog. Wow. He seems to go the
extra distance.

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