Craig Clevenger on the Bomb

One bit of bad timing was that the Technorati business for the Contortionist’s Handbook coincided with a server migration or something that had Craig Clevenger’s site offline during it. Now that it’s back up, he has nice things to say about me and my efforts on his behalf. He remains knocked out by Jonny’s blog name “Assclown Cockfight” and I consider thinking up that name my shining contribution to the blogosphere. I’m really looking forward to Craig’s next book Dermaphoria. He’s doing an event in Portland in March (I’m sure Jonny and Jackie will be there) and if I’m lucky, he’ll come to Chicago too.

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One thought on “Craig Clevenger on the Bomb”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I noticed that his site was down too…bummer. I called Powells to have them put Handbook on hold for me and the women on the phone told me they had a total of 26 hand books for all the Powells stores and warehouses combined. I told her on the phone that I hope they would have more for when Clevenger is there for his book reading.

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