Date Problem with Blosxom

There’s a problem I’m having with blosxom right now. It’s a low level annoyance, not so important to be a jet scrambler but it really has been irking me. If I make a post in the evening (my home and the server are both in US Central time), it will appear as the correct day when I first post it. Later, after there is a subsequent post the next day, it will show up as having been posted the next day, before the next post. Oddly, when you do the day views it shows up in both of them. In the one, it will be the last of one day or the first of the next day, but is present in each.

I went a long time without changing or adding any plugins, but when I upgraded to the writebackplus from the standard writeback I also installed the interpolateconditional plugin. I’m wondering if that does have something to do with this. It looks kind of like the posts show up as in a day if they are in that day in either the local timezone or in UTC. The late posts would be in the next day if we were at +0000 time zone adjustment. That’s just conjecture. I don’t know that has anything to do with it, I’m just trying to think of theories that would explain this behavior. It does appear as if 6 PM is the breaking point and Central Time is -0600 so that’s what got me thinking in this direction. Any blosxom heads out there have any suggestions?

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