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Mark Schmitt at The Decembrist has some pretty harsh words for the Nader 2004 candidacy. I agree with him that I don’t think Nader will have a significant effect on this election. The crux of Nader’s 2000 platform is that there was no significant difference between Gore and Bush, which I think we can all tell is patently false. A lot of his rehetoric was about the need for a viable third party, and the people I know who were interested in him wanted to see the Green Party get the 5% of the vote. However, he’s not running as a Green this time, leaving all those people hanging in the breeze. I just can’t see there being enough people left who haven’t been burned by this guy to make any dent whatsoever.

The news seems to be inflaming the media, who are looking for some new problem for the Democrats. Now that both Kerry and Edwards are outpolling Bush with lots of primary season to go, the “but are they electable” drumbeat seems to have subsided. We’ll probably see the “ooooh, Nader hurts the Dems” drum pounded relentlessly until there is but a single Democrat to focus the character assassination lasers upon.

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