Gray Tuesday

Today is not only Fat Tuesday, but also Grey Tuesday. In honor of that, I’m darkening up my background a little. It was already light grey, I’m just making that fact a little more noticeable. The folks at Downhill Battle have up on their site a copy of the cease and desist letter that EMI sent them (their reply here.) As Cory points out on BoingBoing, the Grey Album does not cost a single lost sale of any Jay-Z or Beatles records. In fact, kind of like the sales burst after the whole Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz thing, I can see this spurring a spike in the sales of both albums.

It just occurred to me how ironic it for EMI to crack down on this sort of action. The most infamous track on The White Album, “Revolution #9” was created by taking found sounds including BBC broadcasts and other songs. Good for John Lennon, bad for DJ Danger Mouse.

And here is a brilliant reply to the cease-and-desist letter by one of the participants.

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