Spanish Class, Week 4

It’s rough out there! I think this week was the one where we started hitting the wall. Before, the exercises were pretty constrained so we didn’t have to work so hard. Now that we’re conjugating verbs and increasing the vocabulary, it’s approaching free-for-all time where the teach just asks us questions and we do our best to answer in syntactically correct Spanish. My big problem is that it just takes so much brain power to comprehend and then create the answer that I have an awkward lag. I can do it usually, but slowly. Oh well, no shame no gain.

I added another Spanish language weblog to my aggregator – Diario de operaciones. I think I like this one better than zonageek because the RSS feed preserves the diacritical marks. I’ve tried pasting sections of Zonageek into free translation but the lack of accents make a number of words translate incorrectly or not at all.

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