It’s almost three weeks since the infamous experiment to get Craig Clevenger a little guerilla promotion for The Contortionist’s Handbook. At this point, I still check the Amazon sales rank every day and it has yet to fall below 10,000 since we started, even though the book hasn’t been in the Technorati list for 10 days. Last night I saw it as low as 9500, but this morning it was back in the 5000s. I’m not sure exactly what accounts for this, unless it is some collateral word-of-mouth promotion from some of the takers in the experiment all telling their friends “Damn, dude, this is an incredible book!” The copy my coworker bought is on its third reader here in the office, and the first two thought it was an awesome book. This is the part that really can’t be overestimated in the whole deal – this tactic is not a generally applicable one. If the book sucks and people will feel burned if they actually buy it, the whole thing falls apart. It only really works in cases just like this – excellent book, underpromoted and that many people would love if they just heard of it.

I’m not sure of the absolute numbers here, but I’m assuming that this has moved at least a few dozen copies of the book. My hope is that it is more, and is in the hundreds. The reference I saw said that books in the top 10,000 of sales rank are guaranteed to have sold a copy in the last day so we known that until it drops out that someone keeps buying them. More power to you, folks. You won’t be disappointed!

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2 thoughts on “Clevenger”

  1. jonnyx says:

    I cant wait for next week when he will be in town I have got a few people to buy the book recently. Heck I sort of got you to read it and now look what you did!

  2. Dave says:

    You definitely are the one who tipped it for me. I’m a domino you pushed, and it started clicking along. I just talked to a guy at work, the copy of the book in my workplace is on its 4th reader now. Have fun at the reading. Introduce yourself as the proprietor of Assclown Cockfight and you will make his day.

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