Manipulating Voting Habits is for Cynical Rich Conservative People

As if there wasn’t already plenty to hate the uber-cynical Urban Outfitters for, their nasty attempt at psychological warfare by trying to convince their young patrons that voting is uncool takes the cake. I feel so glad that I’m too old to have ever given money to these sons of bitches. I would like to hope that the ultimate result of this is one of unintended consequences – that young people get so pissed off at this transparent attempt to dissuade those who tend to vote Democrat from voting all that they come out in greater numbers. I’d also be happy if they were so pissed off that these bastards tried to play them that they quit shopping there.

Patrick Nielsen-Hayden also points out that Richard Hayne is a major contributor to Rick Santorum (you know, the guy who thinks homosexuality is equivalent to bestiality and incest.) When you buy that ironic retrowear for times you don’t even remember, you are helping fund candidates for the far right. They take your money, laugh at you, and try to convince you how to lead your political lives in ways that help the repressives amongst the right. Do yourselves a favor and cut this cycle off at the money.

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