Zaurus SL-5600 Review

I subscribed to a Feedster RSS search on “zaurus” and it is turning up some interesting stuff. This morning, I found a review of the Zaurus 5600 from Connected Home magazine. They gave it on overall 5 rating, and the main thing they dinged it on was the lack of software.

As per the post on open source yesterday, wouldn’t it be interesting if Sharp located a couple of prominent open source developers that are making Zaurus applications, and gave them all a grant of $100,000 on the condition that they quit whatever day jobs they have and spend one year developing open source apps for the Zaurus? How about this guy? That would be a tiny amount of money compared to an advertising campaign, and it would have ongoing benefit to the saleability and usefulness of the entire Zaurus line. If I were offered that deal, I’d jump in a heartbeat. I’d move somewhere cheap to live with broadband connectivity and program my ass off. In fact, I noticed that they have setup up a Wifi cloud that covers 13 square miles of Lafayette Louisiana, home of my alma mater. Some place like that would be perfect for a situation like this.

Is anyone at Sharp reading this? Hire a few hackers, don’t tell them what to do but give them money to do something and let it rip. I’m guessing that you’ve taken far worse bets with far more money for far less results.

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