Big Z, Day one

The first full day of the Zaurus. Some things are highly spiffy and couldn’t be better. I love the screen on this thing, find the thumb board easier to use than I would have expected, and just generally dig most things about it. I slapped in a CF wifi card and at first things seemed alright. I was able to run kismet and sense the access points around me. However, even when I have a connection I seem unable to get an IP address. I’m sure there is something easy I should know, but thus far I feel a little dumb once I have pulled back the covers.

For the ordinary joe blow PDA functions that you’d expect any Willy Loman businessman in an airport to need – it rocks! It’s when I try to get a little deeper and a little more Linuxy that things are not so simple. Surely this is a simple thing, to request an IP address via DHCP over the wireless connection. I just need to learn how to do the little simple things. I did install the OpieReader and downloaded the Project Gutenberg file of the Kalevala to give the act of ebook reading on this thing a good shakedown. It’s amazing what a difference the increase in resolution from my 160X160 Handspring to the 320X240 Zaurus makes. Perhaps it is my low expectations, but this thing looks beautiful! The fonts have no discernable aliasing, and I expect to be reading Finnish myths pleasurably on the train trip home today. So far, so good!

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