Mojo Nixon Hanging up his Spurs

I saw post on BoingBoing about the fact that Mojo Nixon is retiring from the music business. He’s going into that common career path for aging rockers and will be a classic rock DJ. I first saw and heard Mojo in the mid 80’s in Atlanta. My friend Tim and I interviewed him and Skid Roper for the radio once, and since the only vehicle we had was a pickup Tim and Skid rode in the cab while Mojo and I rode in the bed. I can’t say that I found it unpleasant, riding around in a pickup with Mojo on a beautiful spring day in Atlanta. This must have been around 1988 or 1989 because I remember them doing a song “Rob Lowe, Where’s Your video?” That was a fun interview, and his shows were always fun. I can’t say I kept up with him much in the last decade or so, which might be part of the problem. I wish him luck, and hope he keeps rocking on into the late 21st century, periodically coming out of retirement just when we need him most. Count me in as one of the legion of Mushroom Maniacs who will be waiting for that.

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