Zaurus and Pockettop

I found a webpage from which I downloaded the Zaurus driver for the PockeTop folding keyboard. At first, I got a little mad because according to Pocketop’s page, you have to pay for drivers. Luckily I found the above page, which has a freely downloadable driver. However, I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize all the prerequisites, like Python and the VNC server. I might should have read the README before I got all excited.

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2 thoughts on “Zaurus and Pockettop”

  1. The driver from Pocketop wasn’t actually developed by them was freely available and can still be downloaded from quite a few sites for free (completely legally). Here is just one such site:

    It shouldn’t need anything extra installed and there are a lot of happy users around but I must warn you that I haven’t actually used an external keyboard so I have never tried it personally.

  2. Thanks Tim! I went to the site last night to download the driver, and in the time between when I loaded the page and tried to get the driver, it seems like the server went dark. All I get is “Host cannot be found” errors when I try to go to it. When the site comes back up, I need to register and make the Zaurus User Group regular reading. There’s a lot of good stuff there. Thanks for the pointer!

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