There and Back Again

We took a quick trip to Atlanta to take care of a few things with our house. Although it was much warmer than Chicago, the pollen level was horrible. I started sneezing shortly after we got there, and I’m still continuing. I remain weird about my old city. It’s familiar, but even going back I just wanted to leave most of the time I was there. This is even while we were doing things we like and eating at favorite restaurants. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

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One thought on “There and Back Again”

  1. Just bad luck. It zoomed up for the first week or so of March and then back down.
    As I’m sure you know, pollen aside, the next 4 weeks starting right … now! … is the absolute best time of the year to be in Atlanta. We’re just waiting for that one good soaking rain, or even a thundershower or two, to light the fuse …

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