Pocketop Working

The next step in the path to getting the Zaurus how I want it has been taken. Thanks to Tim Wentford’s pointer I got the driver for my Pocketop keyboard installed and working fine. The trick here is to not go to Pocketop at all but Zaurus User Group. It’s worth noting that there are links to two different drivers. The one labeled “irk-5600_0.9.2_arm.ipk” didn’t work for me and didn’t really even seem to install. What did work was the one labeled “IRK driver for Targus and Pocketop keyboards”. What’s very nice is that it inserts itself as an input choice in the popup on the status bar, so when you choose whether to use the handwriting recognition or the pickboard, etc, you can instead choose IRK (IR keyboard, I assume.) This gives you a quick handle to a control where you can turn this on and off – mostly off as the IR drains the battery if you aren’t using the keyboard at that moment. Once I got it installed, it worked great. Now I need to find a screen rotator! I did all my test typing whilst reading sideways.

Soon I’m going to have to get courageous about flashing the ROMs. I’m interesting in experimenting with both pdaxrom and the Open Zaurus ROMs. I’m trying to make a habit of putting stuff on the card so that it will survive flashing the ROM. I’m installing what I can there and trying to remember to leave a copy of all the .IPK files there at least.

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