DQE Sure Rocks Me

A week or two ago I got my first batch of stuff from the Dark Beloved Cloud’s singles club. At the same time, I had ordered the two DQE albums they sell that I don’t have, The Queen of Mean and I’m Your Girl. Man, do I love these! I haven’t really listened to the singles since I’ve been obsessively listening to the 3 discs that make up these two releases. I’m Your Girl has one disc billed as “Grace Braun” and one as “DQE”. It’s a fine line, since all the members of DQE play on both. The “solo” disc is more country/gospel type arrangements, while the “DQE” is their typical rockabilly mayhem. I’ve had a number of these songs stuck in my head for days. The one I have now is “Timber, I’m Falling in Love.” This is a song that Grace was forced to write because Buddy Holly didn’t live long enough to do it himself. However, his spirit definitely infuses it. I love all the songs here. DQE still needs a webpage! At least here’s an interview with Grace Braun (whose name I have been mispronouncing for 15 years, I guess.)

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2 thoughts on “DQE Sure Rocks Me”

  1. john armstrong of dqe says:

    finally, http://www.gracebraun.com


  2. Dave says:


    Thanks for letting me know about that. Grace/DQE are now the band of the day today!

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