Feeling Groovy

Man, I could make a career of just staying up on the cool projects that exist for development. A coworker pointed me towards Groovy today. It is a an extension to or a project built on top of Java JDK 1.4 classes that adds “agility” to the language. It allows for some of the neat features of Perl, Ruby and Python that make them good scripting languages to be done in Java. It allows for closures, calling methods with named paramters (much like you do with the anonymous hashes in Perl), creating beans with property lists, etc. I’m still in my first 20 minutes of looking at it, but it seems to have lots of things to add. I really like programming in Java, but never use it for scripting type tasks because there is too much start up cost for some 10 line script. Groovy looks like it might help close that gap.

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