VGA Zaurus

I love it! Just by typing impressions of the Zaurus, it’s creating a crystallization point. People are mailing me cool things about them and leaving me writebacks and such. A correspondent named Mike who sends along this link to the Japanese announcement page for the Zaurus SL-6000, with VGA 640X480 resolution. It looks cool, but not life-alteringly different from what I have unless it has a killer CPU in it. It’s worth noting that my 5600 has a faster CPU than my Linux box which was my main work desktop in 2000.

Mike also notes that while he likes the hardware specs, its still too plug and pray for him to get involved as an average consumer. I definitely agree with that. I’m doing far more farting around with code and configuration than I ever did with the Palm platform. I do think it’s on the way though and I hope that Sharp is patient enough to let the line mature, encourage developers to create enough software for it to reach a tipping point and most of all, get some more and better desktop syncing solutions out there. As much as I’m enjoying it, I couldn’t recommend it for the average salesperson at your company – and these people are the core constituency of PDAs. Without too terribly much effort it could get there, and that’s what I’m hoping for.

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