The Crisis Continues

My friend Jon Kincaid has recovered from his heart attack, but will in all likelihood be paying off these medical debts for decades. He’s a brilliant DJ as you can tell by listening to his radio show. I burn the MP3 archives of his show to CD and listen to them as I walk around. I’m listening to one from April 2003 now, and as I rode the train in he played a suite of songs from Brian Eno’s Here Come the Warm Jets, “Dead Finks Don’t Talk”, “Some Of Them Are Old”, and finishing up with the title track. This is my favorite Eno album and the title track one of those bits of music that just makes me feel good and puts life in perspective. This is the kind of thing Jon does for me and everyone – brings music to our attention and reminds us why we love what we do. Last night I heard him segue That Petrol Emotion into Ted Nugent. What he does best is showing the connections and influences between bands that aren’t obvious.

He still needs help and will for a long time. If you can, please consider making a paypal donation to help defray the staggering costs of bypass surgery at the website we set up for him. If you love music, patricularly of the punk/post-punk/new wave/unabashed 70’s rock variety listen to his show and if you like what you hear, consider sliding him a few bucks. He’s worth it.

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