Melancon at SXSW

Over on his weblog, Paul Melancon posts about his experiences at this year’s SXSW in Austin. It sounds like a good evening and I would have loved to have gone. I really enjoyed Amy Ray’s solo album Stag and would have loved to hear Paul’s band back her up on “Mountains of Glory” (which it sounds like they nailed the very first time they played it with her). Now that his guitarist is Lee Cuthbert, I think I might even like the sound better. Rob Gal is an awesome guitarist and I saw him in the Coolies many drunken nights as a college student, but Lee brings something different to the table. I’ve talked in this blog many times about her main band Gentle Readers (use the search box if you don’t believe me, go on. Put quote marks around it, or else you’ll get everything with “gentle” or “readers” in it.) I love that band and I love Paul’s music. I am glad that we took advantage of being in the same town as him and saw him as much as we could while we were in Atlanta. It was getting out one night while he was playing a benefit show that we first discovered the Gentle Readers and Sonia Tetlow. We haven’t gotten out much since, but I’m glad we went that night.

And let me repeat this one more fricking time: I stand by and renew my money-back guarantee on Paul’s album Camera Obscura. Buy the album and if you don’t like it, send it to me and I’ll pay you for it + shipping. Life is full of risk, except here where there is none to you. You can buy it at Amazon or get it a few bucks cheaper at the Melancon Store. Please do buy it though, it is brilliant.

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