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I’m not sure what moved me to check to see if a new version of Blapp, the OS X Blosxom weblog tool, was available. I did, and one was! You can download version 0.6 now. This is my first post with it. So far, it seems pretty good. One thing I really like (and this may have existed before) was that you can click in the links in the lower panel and it will actually load the webpage. That’s perfect for doing a quick “is this link broken” check.

OK, I just found the feature in v0.6 that makes this a “must upgrade now!” You can set in your preferences where your blosxom story.html format is and your CSS, and the bottom panel will show it rendered as it will appear on your weblog! Wow! I’m looking at mine as I type and it has the box around it and everything. I tried “forgetting” to enclose the paragraph markers and it screwed up exactly like it always does on the live site when I forget to do that. This should help a lot in preventing bad posts because it is very nearly WYSIWYG, even considering all the post-processing that blosxom will do. Cool!

The one thing I don’t like and that wasn’t fixed in this upgrade is the odd wait times. For example, when you pull up an old post to edit it, the beachball spins for me for like 15 seconds before I can actually type on the new one. That’s a small quibble and my blogging habits have already accomodated this because I usually switch back to Safari during the slowdown because I know it is coming. If this got fixed, this would be the hella blosxom blogging tool.

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