Cold Soda Turkey

I was having a hard time cutting down on sodas. For a little while I was able to get back to 3 a day, but I find that I work better with prohibition than moderation so I’m cutting them out totally for a while. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately. I’m not sure I buy completely the anti-Nutrasweet propaganda, but I will agree that drinking 6 or more cans of Diet Coke a day is putting a lot of odd chemicals into my system that will need to be metabolized away.

This isn’t the comprehensive healthiness upgrade in my lifestyle that I’ve been talking about, but a tiny first step. Effective today, I’m also trying to cut out sweets. Candies, cookies and other tasty but sugary things I will try to eliminate from my diet. This also includes mochas, which will be a shame because I’m quite partial to the Caribou Coffee turtle mocha.

So I’ll start eating and drinking better today (mostly by subtraction). Very soon I will get back into an excercise routine. I’m sick of feeling winded after walking up a flight of 8 stairs.

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