Zaurus Package Feeds

I felt logey this weekend and not up to actually flashing my Zaurus ROM. I did install some of the packages from the Opie 1.0.3 feed though. I downloaded a random MPEG-4 video from the Internet Archive to see if I could play it. Neither the standed Sharp Media Player nor the Opie Player played it, although I might be lacking a codec. I tried to set up the Opie stable branch as a known feed in my package manager and could never get that to work either. The best I could do was load it in Opera and download the packages I wanted one at a time. From what people say when they say “Install Opie 1.0.3” it makes it sound like there is a short simple way to do it, but I could never figure out what that was. All in all, it was a frustrating time with the Big Z.

One positive thing though was finding out that the Opie Mail application does do the 90 degree rotation. That’s good for me when I want to compose emails offline with the folding keyboard. I might give that a try today, in fact. Overall, I didn’t make any real progress and some very simple seeming tasks eluded me completely. Such will be the nature of this platform.

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