Today in BoingBoing, Cory talks about using Shrook as his aggregator. I like this notion it has of the simultaneous client and web interfaces. The main reason I use FeedOnFeeds is that I want to be able to access my aggregated information from multiple boxes. Having the Shrook account that I can do minimal reading with via the web interface when remote and then more good stuff when I’m at my Mac is really the best of both worlds.

The only catch now is that it says that it requires Panther (OS X 10.3). I’m still running 10.2, mainly because I’ve been too cheap and lazy to upgrade. By all accounts, it makes an older slower machine like my 400 MHz B&W more responsive. It would be a good thing to do. But what is introduced in 10.3 that makes things not backwards compatible? That seems kind of crazy to me. I downloaded something last night that wouldn’t run because I was on 10.2 and not 10.3. I guess Mac users now have the worst part of the Unix world – library incompatabilities – to deal with.

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