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An unrelated query on Google turned up some information about the comedy troupe The State, late of MTV. I have long been wanting a DVD collection of everything they did, which I think is the finest sketch comedy show ever – yes, even better than Monty Python. At least, that’s how I remember it and I’d like to see some of the shows to see if that assessment is correct. Well, you can after a fashion at State Media Resources which has lots of information about the show as well as an episode guide with links to Quicktime versions of the skits!. I can’t actually view them on the machine I’m on now, but tonight I’m going to pick out a few favorites and view them (“porcupine porcupine porcupine race track”, “let me dip my BALLS in it!”, “It’s-a the Pope!”, etc). That site also has a link to the the official The State site, and information about the CBS special they did. I found a link to an article about the fiasco that was that special. It must have been awfully poorly promoted because I never even heard of it, despite being a big fan of the show and having been a regular viewer of the show (American Gothic) that it preempted to run. All good stuff.

I also ran across this very funny piece by Michael Ian Black called “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Meeting People More Famous Than You”.

First of all, relax. Famous people are just like you. Yes, we have more money. Yes, we are invited to parties so fabulous your head would explode were you ever to get past the velvet ropes. But after the flashbulbs have stopped popping and we roll out of bed around noon, we have people who put our pants on us one leg at a time.

Approach a celebrity the way you would an old friend. An old friend who doesn’t remember you. Just walk up, extend your hand, and give a hearty, “Ahoy!” Everybody enjoys a familiar naval greeting, especially stars. If you have the time to don Naval dress whites, all the better.

Lastly, here’s an online petition to get Viacom to release the collected episodes on DVD and VHS.

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