YACOT (Yet Another Change Of Tool)

I seem to be in that realm of geeks who is nomadic and restless in my toolset. I swear it seems like every week I’m doing something – learning a new programming language, changing my spam fighting technique, my referer spam fighting, my blogging tool, etc. I’ve been using FeedOnFeeds for 9 months now and I’m just to the point where I think I’ve outgrown it. You update it by loading a webpage, which you can do yourself with a broswer or periodically via a cron job that loads the page as I do. It is timing out at five minutes, which is usually not quite long enough to get to the bottom of my list. Thus, the top of the list is always updated and there is this ragged line of blogs at the bottom, some of which have been updated in the last hour, some 10 hours ago and some not for days. When the planets align and all the previously loads are fast enough, the bottom blogs get refreshed.

I would like to move to Shrook (whose author Graham was kind enough to leave me a comment explaining the 10.3 dependence) but this will have to wait until either I upgrade or he builds in 10.2 compatability. I cast around for a Java servlet based equivalent of FeedOnFeeds, a server side aggregator preferably with one that could have multiple users and share common subscriptions, but I never found one. The web based portion of Shrook does what I want with the bonus of having a Mac client for value addition, so that does seem like the way to go to me.

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